Creative Ideas for the Future

As I start this blog, I’m not thinking about the present, or past, just the future. Ideas I have now that will work for later times and moments in my life, but not now. This is a problem. Why? Well 1) it keeps me from the projects of now, and 2) I have no way of keeping track of all these wonderful ideas. How hard will it be to find these ideas on my Pinterest or Google Drive in 3-10 years (yes, ten years)? My guess is pretty hard. Who knows if i’ll even be using those platforms in that day and age. So instead, here I am. Writing a blog, telling whoever is out there on the other end that I have a great idea! And I want you to know about it too. Today’s stroke of genius? Bridal belts. Truth be told i’ve spent what I consider an unusual amount of time (on Pinterest mostly) planning my future wedding. But in that time I’ve come up with a few DIY ideas for when the time comes. Which brings me back to the bridal belts. The wedding industry wants you to spend $2000+ on a wedding dress , plus alterations, plus accessories and shoes. I think that’s crazy for the average Joe (unisex name, get it?). But I will write about that another day. Belts cost around $100-$300 through David’s Bridal. I would love a belt for my simple wedding dress but refuse to pay that kind of money for it. My solution? DIY. Step One: Get a necklace or a few (jeweled headbands or floral headbands would work too). Step Two: Get some ribbon, enough to cover the rest of your waist and whatever length you want the bow in the back (or you can close the loop). Step Three: Cut off most of non-jeweled material on headband/necklace. Leave room to tie on ribbons, but make sure to cut off most of what you want to be hidden. Cut ribbon to size (rest of waist, and tail). Step Four: Tie said ribbon onto said jewelry/headband. You could do this with a simple small knot. You could also hot glue it on, sew the ribbon on (fully under the necklace/headband or partially). The result is a beautiful bridal belt for at least $70 less (and less work than making one from scratch 😉


What to you think? Questions? Comments? Tell me about it!

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