A Million Ways to Store Treasure

I, like many men and women, have jewelry. I don’t have a lot by most standards, but I have enough that storage has become a problem. Pinterest has plenty of ideas for me! Coat rack as necklace organizer, foam board for earrings, framed pieces, push pins (which I did use for my necklaces). My earrings are still a hassle to organize.

I’m working part time at the moment which means my (disposable) income is next to nothing. Meaning I have nothing I can justify spending on cute organization for my jewelry. I tried the bowl thing (a picture to prove it).The push pin necklace idea actually works well. But I own about 3 rings, 2 bracelets (more are stored with my summer clothes), and a bazillion earrings. So earrings are my “problem”.

All this brings me to my creative solution! 🙂 Wednesday night I went to my teachers meeting to learn the new lessons and collect supplies. My boss is also caring enough that she keeps giving us edible gifts. Last time it was chocolate truffles and this time it was the classic valentines assorted chocolates box from Russell Stover. Now, I’m not a big fan of milk chocolates, but I popped the box open anyways and shared it with my roommates (hey, guys like chocolate too!) As we emptied the box down to the last confection (a chocolate peanut butter something), I realized I was staring at a solution to my problem! The little empty tray, with its little sections, could fit my assorted earrings without them getting tangled!

Now it’s time to take theory to experiment. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of gold, and if I had spray paint, I would make it silver or teal or something NOT gold. But I’m broke remember? I’m not going to spend $8 on spray paint when that can buy me a cheap lunch or go towards gas money (or bills). What I’m left with is the gold sectioned tray, hot glued into the box it came in, filled with earrings. I had to double (or triple) up on some sections with my studs but I kept it cohesive (pearls with fake pearls lol, dark with dark). Here are the before and after shots (sorry for the bad photo quality):Before 1 Earrings BeforeEarrings After 1Earrings After 2


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