The Quest for the Perfect Coffee Shop

I’m from Seattle. True to the stereotype, I REALLY like coffee. What do I like even more than coffee? A cool coffee shop serving it. I like wood-centric interiors with second hand cushions. I like a good playlist and friendly baristas. I’m usually not in it for the speed of service (but there is such a thing as too slow).
I now live in Beaverton, Oregon and although I’m sure there’s lots of great coffee shops in Portland proper, I’m looking for something closer. So i’m on a quest to find the perfect coffee shop in the Beaverton area. Maybe Hillsboro too. What am I generally looking for? A good latte, and mocha, cool atmosphere and sit-for-a-while-ability. Bonus points for yummy baked goods, porcelain cups,  friendly baristas, eclectic music, or a view to a busy walking street. I found all of this in a few places in Ballard Seattle so I’m planning on doing the same here.
I’ll score each place on a scale of 1-10 and give you all the details I can. I am going to every place I can find, despite Yelp reviews. In fact, until i’m done, I’m going to IGNORE Yelp reviews entirely. First review coming up next!


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