Doodling DIY (in the Kitchen!)

When I was in high school, they deterred deviants from doodling. No writing on desks! Stop doodling and pay attention! Well i’m telling you its time to let your inner doodler out and run free. 🙂 One of my jobs is as an after school art teacher. The program I teach is fun and useful, but some days I wish I could teach Advanced Doodling. The class would be about adding details, expanding the imagination, and thinking outside the box in general. Ahh someday…
Anyways, back to reality. My lovely mother is always giving me stuff, often stuff I really need. A while back she gave me some cutting boards to, well, cut on. They are plastic and come in a set: green for vegetables (with a little decal), red for meat, and a little clear one because I like little cutting boards. The first two are opaque but the last is a murky- clear color that makes it hard to spot if there’s nothing on it. It has sat on my kitchen counter, unnoticed for days at a time because you can’t see it!
Yesterday, I came up with a plan. Doodle the damn thing. Now, I’ve never done anything like this before but I thought i’d take the chance. If it doesn’t work then I’m down a free plastic cutting board (a thin one at that). All boards in the set bow one direction so it’s easier to use them when the curve goes down, NOT when the sides curve up to your hands. With that in mind, I took a sharpie, wiped down my little board, and got to work on the back side. The main reason I chose a side is to avoid sharpie-food contact. Is that necessary? I have no clue. But it sounded good so I went with it.
I started in the corner with the 1/4 circle, and then started drawing the other shapes overlapping. I did each shape and interior lines before drawing another shape. The details came last. I knew I wanted a kind of intricate doodle/henna look to my board. I wanted to cover a lot of space but chose in the end to leave some negative space as well. Lastly, I wrote backwards “This side up” so that the user knows the sharpie side. Below is the evidence of my project in the form of “Before” and “After” photos. Has anyone else doodled on something weird? Did it work out?






What to you think? Questions? Comments? Tell me about it!

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