Peet’s Coffee Review


This will make my third review in the quest for coffee series. The first two being in Beaverton, but this one will be in Hillsboro technically but just barely. Peet’s Coffee is a chain but it is NOT Starbucks. Starbucks takes the beautiful things in a coffee shop and tries to fit them into a cookie cutter format. On top of that, most of the barista’s don’t do their jobs well and serve the coffee too hot. Extra points removed for no real cups unless you buy one.

Anyways, Peet’s is way better. I’ve had their coffee before but never really paid much attention to the other details. This location is not located in a store (I won’t review those). Friendly staff  with one to take orders and the other to make the coffee, just as it should be. I got a cappuccino to go because I was heading to work. The atmosphere was good. Classical music was playing but not in an upturned-nose kind of way. Plenty of people were there, engaged in conversations or working on laptops. Small but big enough. My cappuccino was tasty because of the coffee they use but I wish I’d asked for extra foam. The food looked good but I really wasn’t hungry. Tables, chairs, and a padded bench were the seating options. Not ideal but still good. They had a big eco-friendly focus with a sign offering real cups and plates, used coffee grounds for gardeners, and other ways to help out while you’re there. There was stuff for sale but they didn’t try to push it on you. I’d definitely visit again and give another review on sitting down for a while. Total score? Just 6/10 given my little time there. Cool prints on their paper cups too.



What to you think? Questions? Comments? Tell me about it!

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