The Blogs I Read

When I’m not writing on my blog, pinning on Pinterest, checking email, or scrolling on Facebook, I like to read a few blogs. Now, I haven’t really gotten into a routine of checking out more Word Press blogs (I know, shame on me), but I do read some outside of the WP world. I’m going to include a few websites that aren’t blogs but feel bloggy to me. So here we go:

  1. Apartment Therapy – This site offers some great ideas on interior design and organization. Some are great ideas and some are actually doable. They include a lot of info for renters on what they can do with a tight space and limited decor options. I read it almost daily. House Tours are great for pinning (if you pin) onto Dream House boards.
  2. Zen Habits – This blog is very minimalist in both layout and topics. I only go to this site monthly or so because the author doesn’t write often. But when he does write its that kind of “stop, take a breath, look at your life” stuff that gets me going. It’s about living a minimalist lifestyle and appreciating the non-material things in life.
  3. The Pioneer Woman (Cooking) – Now I only really read the cooking section of this website but its a good source for recipes. When I bake I like to look stuff up via Google and Google kept leading me to Pioneer Woman. I only go to the site when I need to bake/cook but it’s well written and funny.

And that’s it right now! Any blogs to suggest?


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