Coffee Break Review

Hidden away behind Albertsons off 185th there is a coffee shop called Coffee Break (or The Original Coffee Break). I had seen it before but never really wanted to check it out, but for the sake of this series, I went there. The vibe is kind of diner-esq complete with random TV show playing in the background, teenage staff, and old men talking in the corner. They have a breakfast menu but I went there at 3:30 (you would not believe how many coffee places close at 3!). I got a mocha and a peanut butter cookie ( I was starving). The peanut butter cookie turned out to be chocolate chip and was no better than the cookies I could of bought at Albertsons for cheaper. I was expecting more because apparently they bake in house. My coffee was brought to me, paper cup though. I got a mocha. It was good but almost too much chocolate at the bottom. The girl who rang me up was nice but green as can be. The other staff member there was a guy who was older and I think he made my coffee. Coffee Break does get a break for having comfy chairs. They have four set up to one corner around a fireplace (moot point now that its summer, I know) and a table. The rest of the place is table and chairs. It seems like an OK place to hang out for a half hour but I didn’t feel like I fit in there so I left after fifteen. 5/10 Very meh.



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