The Blogs I Read: Part Two

So I told you about a few blogs I read in April, but now i’m going to update you on the new ones I’ve found or the ones I forgot. Here we go, Part Two:
1. A Way To Garden
This is a gardening website/blog (duh) that has some seriously useful advice on how to work your plants. And its not just for the crazy yard designers or master gardeners. Here’s a place to start.
2. Rowdy Kittens
Its not about kittens (sorry). Its about living big in a tiny house and finding peace in less belongings.
3. American Twenty Nothings
This is a blog about being in your 20s and lost (aren’t we all?)
4. Man Repeller
Best. Fashion. Blog. Ever. Not every article is great, but its usually pretty fun.


What to you think? Questions? Comments? Tell me about it!

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