Blogs I Read and Articles to Get You Started

Right now I only really read two blogs and frequent one website (beyond pinterest, school sites, netflix, and instagram). Each one gives me advice in one form or another on how to best live my life. I like that. The first is the website and it’s mostly interior design/decorating and gardening. It’s a good launching point for other things around the web as well. The second is a simple living blog that I try to read every day because it makes me happy and feel like i’m doing the right thing by living simply. The last is a more minimalist approach to the simple living movement. It’s refreshing. For all three,I gave you a jumping off point so you don’t get stuck on the homepage (or the About Me) section. They are:
Apartment Therapy
So I can drool over the best homes (and pin for future reference). But also so I can learn to take care of my rental space and decorate it. Hit and miss on the advice but the pictures are always beautiful. Instead of one article, since it is a website and not a blog, I’ll start you off with a useful section for those in college or living in a small space.
Slow Your Home
The author is a ‘mum’ and from another country Australia ( uses kilometers and other foreign measurements). But her advice is across the board applicable to most people’s lives. A good post to start with is a part of a series on living simple A-Z (living simple blog): Let’s start with Y.

Zen Habits

Exactly what it sounds like, with a minimalist style. Just one post on each page, I like to read this blog, take in the one article, and move on with my day. Great with your morning coffee (if you’re into that sort of thing). How to Breathe.


Getting Over Losing Stuff

I really like my stuff. My physical belongings. I take time and put a lot of thought into what I keep and what I get rid of when organizing and downsizing (which I LOVE to do). So I was entirely surprised when I realized losing my favorite ring is not the worst thing in the world.
As I mentioned, I own 3 rings. Two cocktail rings and a small band style ring that was my mother’s wedding ring. The third, which I wore almost daily, is my favorite. It was not a traditional wedding ring in any sense of the word. It was a band with embedded triangular stones, alternating turquoise and a navy blue stone. It was simple, it was comfortable, and it was beautiful.
Originally, when I realized I had lost the ring, I shrugged. I lose this ring all the time. It always shows back up in a few hours, days, or even weeks. But this time I think it’s gone for good. When I thought about that today, I didn’t cry. I didn’t even get upset. I just thought about how cool it was to wear the same ring for years before it leaves my life. I know, it sounds cheesy. The ring is not a person. But it did mean a lot to me.
Now there are very few things I have lost right after getting them. I did have an awesome pair of sunglasses that were broken by a toddler the next day. That sucked. But at that early stage of attachment , it was not a big loss (not even monetarily, they cost me $5-$10). But I can imagine losing something newish (weeks old), and that would be more difficult to deal with emotionally.
But here is what I want you to try: Love your belongings, really love them. Spend time choosing them, and take care of them. But also realize that they are things. Clothes are there to keep you warm or make you look stylish. Rings are there (in my case) to remind you of your family or make you look stylish. Couches are for seating, tables are for eating, houses are for protecting you from the elements (and making you look stylish). Take them all away (hopefully not at once), and what are you left with? A slightly less stylish individual , standing naked, exposed to the elements. That person can go get new clothes, find a place to stay, and work their way back to feeling good about how they look (the stylish stuff). Everything you own, and I mean EVERYTHING (even your garbage can, if you picked it) is just a reflection of you. Take away the stuff, and you are still you.
So separate yourself (just the tiniest bit) from your belongings, and you will find when you lose them, it will be that much easier to move on. This doesn’t mean I won’t miss my ring. I miss it right now. But I can move on, sans meltdown.

(Some funny videos on people being too attached to stuff and losing stuff by George Carlin)

A Million Ways to Store Treasure

I, like many men and women, have jewelry. I don’t have a lot by most standards, but I have enough that storage has become a problem. Pinterest has plenty of ideas for me! Coat rack as necklace organizer, foam board for earrings, framed pieces, push pins (which I did use for my necklaces). My earrings are still a hassle to organize.

I’m working part time at the moment which means my (disposable) income is next to nothing. Meaning I have nothing I can justify spending on cute organization for my jewelry. I tried the bowl thing (a picture to prove it).The push pin necklace idea actually works well. But I own about 3 rings, 2 bracelets (more are stored with my summer clothes), and a bazillion earrings. So earrings are my “problem”.

All this brings me to my creative solution! 🙂 Wednesday night I went to my teachers meeting to learn the new lessons and collect supplies. My boss is also caring enough that she keeps giving us edible gifts. Last time it was chocolate truffles and this time it was the classic valentines assorted chocolates box from Russell Stover. Now, I’m not a big fan of milk chocolates, but I popped the box open anyways and shared it with my roommates (hey, guys like chocolate too!) As we emptied the box down to the last confection (a chocolate peanut butter something), I realized I was staring at a solution to my problem! The little empty tray, with its little sections, could fit my assorted earrings without them getting tangled!

Now it’s time to take theory to experiment. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of gold, and if I had spray paint, I would make it silver or teal or something NOT gold. But I’m broke remember? I’m not going to spend $8 on spray paint when that can buy me a cheap lunch or go towards gas money (or bills). What I’m left with is the gold sectioned tray, hot glued into the box it came in, filled with earrings. I had to double (or triple) up on some sections with my studs but I kept it cohesive (pearls with fake pearls lol, dark with dark). Here are the before and after shots (sorry for the bad photo quality):Before 1 Earrings BeforeEarrings After 1Earrings After 2