Back… With A Purpose


It’s been so long. I’ve had a lot of ideas running around in my head but never pushed myself to get them out there, on this blog. So I’m back! Or at least I’m trying to be back. I don’t want to be that blog/blogger with a handful of posts and nothing more to say. I want this to be an ongoing blog with many informative posts (or at least entertaining/ worth your while). I’m trying to be a better writer and part of that is about continuously and consistently writing on here. Time to jump off the deep end and put it all out there. Wish me luck?


The Blogs I Read: Part Two

So I told you about a few blogs I read in April, but now i’m going to update you on the new ones I’ve found or the ones I forgot. Here we go, Part Two:
1. A Way To Garden
This is a gardening website/blog (duh) that has some seriously useful advice on how to work your plants. And its not just for the crazy yard designers or master gardeners. Here’s a place to start.
2. Rowdy Kittens
Its not about kittens (sorry). Its about living big in a tiny house and finding peace in less belongings.
3. American Twenty Nothings
This is a blog about being in your 20s and lost (aren’t we all?)
4. Man Repeller
Best. Fashion. Blog. Ever. Not every article is great, but its usually pretty fun.

The Quest for the Perfect Coffee Shop

I’m from Seattle. True to the stereotype, I REALLY like coffee. What do I like even more than coffee? A cool coffee shop serving it. I like wood-centric interiors with second hand cushions. I like a good playlist and friendly baristas. I’m usually not in it for the speed of service (but there is such a thing as too slow).
I now live in Beaverton, Oregon and although I’m sure there’s lots of great coffee shops in Portland proper, I’m looking for something closer. So i’m on a quest to find the perfect coffee shop in the Beaverton area. Maybe Hillsboro too. What am I generally looking for? A good latte, and mocha, cool atmosphere and sit-for-a-while-ability. Bonus points for yummy baked goods, porcelain cups, ¬†friendly baristas, eclectic music, or a view to a busy walking street. I found all of this in a few places in Ballard Seattle so I’m planning on doing the same here.
I’ll score each place on a scale of 1-10 and give you all the details I can. I am going to every place I can find, despite Yelp reviews. In fact, until i’m done, I’m going to IGNORE Yelp reviews entirely. First review coming up next!