Blogs I Read and Articles to Get You Started

Right now I only really read two blogs and frequent one website (beyond pinterest, school sites, netflix, and instagram). Each one gives me advice in one form or another on how to best live my life. I like that. The first is the website and it’s mostly interior design/decorating and gardening. It’s a good launching point for other things around the web as well. The second is a simple living blog that I try to read every day because it makes me happy and feel like i’m doing the right thing by living simply. The last is a more minimalist approach to the simple living movement. It’s refreshing. For all three,I gave you a jumping off point so you don’t get stuck on the homepage (or the About Me) section. They are:
Apartment Therapy
So I can drool over the best homes (and pin for future reference). But also so I can learn to take care of my rental space and decorate it. Hit and miss on the advice but the pictures are always beautiful. Instead of one article, since it is a website and not a blog, I’ll start you off with a useful section for those in college or living in a small space.
Slow Your Home
The author is a ‘mum’ and from another country Australia ( uses kilometers and other foreign measurements). But her advice is across the board applicable to most people’s lives. A good post to start with is a part of a series on living simple A-Z (living simple blog): Let’s start with Y.

Zen Habits

Exactly what it sounds like, with a minimalist style. Just one post on each page, I like to read this blog, take in the one article, and move on with my day. Great with your morning coffee (if you’re into that sort of thing). How to Breathe.


Back… With A Purpose


It’s been so long. I’ve had a lot of ideas running around in my head but never pushed myself to get them out there, on this blog. So I’m back! Or at least I’m trying to be back. I don’t want to be that blog/blogger with a handful of posts and nothing more to say. I want this to be an ongoing blog with many informative posts (or at least entertaining/ worth your while). I’m trying to be a better writer and part of that is about continuously and consistently writing on here. Time to jump off the deep end and put it all out there. Wish me luck?

The Blogs I Read: Part Two

So I told you about a few blogs I read in April, but now i’m going to update you on the new ones I’ve found or the ones I forgot. Here we go, Part Two:
1. A Way To Garden
This is a gardening website/blog (duh) that has some seriously useful advice on how to work your plants. And its not just for the crazy yard designers or master gardeners. Here’s a place to start.
2. Rowdy Kittens
Its not about kittens (sorry). Its about living big in a tiny house and finding peace in less belongings.
3. American Twenty Nothings
This is a blog about being in your 20s and lost (aren’t we all?)
4. Man Repeller
Best. Fashion. Blog. Ever. Not every article is great, but its usually pretty fun.

The Blogs I Read

When I’m not writing on my blog, pinning on Pinterest, checking email, or scrolling on Facebook, I like to read a few blogs. Now, I haven’t really gotten into a routine of checking out more Word Press blogs (I know, shame on me), but I do read some outside of the WP world. I’m going to include a few websites that aren’t blogs but feel bloggy to me. So here we go:

  1. Apartment Therapy – This site offers some great ideas on interior design and organization. Some are great ideas and some are actually doable. They include a lot of info for renters on what they can do with a tight space and limited decor options. I read it almost daily. House Tours are great for pinning (if you pin) onto Dream House boards.
  2. Zen Habits – This blog is very minimalist in both layout and topics. I only go to this site monthly or so because the author doesn’t write often. But when he does write its that kind of “stop, take a breath, look at your life” stuff that gets me going. It’s about living a minimalist lifestyle and appreciating the non-material things in life.
  3. The Pioneer Woman (Cooking) – Now I only really read the cooking section of this website but its a good source for recipes. When I bake I like to look stuff up via Google and Google kept leading me to Pioneer Woman. I only go to the site when I need to bake/cook but it’s well written and funny.

And that’s it right now! Any blogs to suggest?