Removing Facebook: Conclusions in my Social Experiment

Previously I wrote about going off Facebook for a month. I deleted the app off my phone, and stayed off the site on my computer entirely. I did keep the messenger app to stay in touch with friends who prefer it to paid texting and I did have to log in to my account through third-party websites to use them (e.g. Spotify). Let me just start by saying that I did not make it the 30 days I had planned. I made it 20 and then gave up after Valentine’s Day because I wanted to know if anyone I knew was up to anything interesting that I could go to. But I want to tell you about what this experiment did and did not achieve.

1. Learning Self-Control
I learned to practice self control in staying off FB for those twenty days. Each day was hard but I got through it. When I try to diet, I tell myself I can’t have sugary foods and I immediately get defiant and eat a crepe with powdered sugar. Diets last hours for me. Not days or weeks. So it was nice to feel power over myself at least in the sense of going on (or not) FB.
2. I learned what Facebook is…
And what I use it for. At first, I craved being able to tell someone something funny that happened or complain about school (see Twitter below). But then I craved seeing what others were up to. What were they complaining about or laughing about? And that craving had me break down after 20 days instead of waiting 10 more. These are things that I should be looking for, in any basic relationship. A give and take of daily grievances and delights because my boyfriend can’t handle it all (and sometimes straight up doesn’t care).
Also I use Facebook to: share interesting websites or news stories, “networking” (never really works on FB), and to relive the past.
1. Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Tinder, and Snapchat
I used all these apps instead to fill my time. However, some days I was more quickly bored with them and decided to read a book or do my homework or watch Netflix instead. None of these things made me more social, instead I just craved more social interactions.
2. I made zero friends in the process.
I did talk to more people, but we never created a lasting bond beyond the conversation. Would I of made new friends by staying on Facebook? Probably not. But the point was to make friends with my new free time. That did not happen.
3. It wasn’t enough to force me out of the house.
I made a few trips to coffee shops and spend a ton of time at the library on campus. Did I go to any social events? No. I went on a double date that I was forced into and thought was “meh”. This might be partially because I have no money right now. Like super broke. Without money I can’t go to coffee shops or bars or events that cost money. I justified not going to other events because they were far (transportation costs, time to travel) or just plain scary (I don’t know anyone there!).

In conclusion my experiment failed to achieve what I was after: more social interactions and friendships. I did find out that there wasn’t much I had missed during my 20 day hiatus and Facebook means less to me now than it did before. My next plan is to see a therapist through my school because of my new found social anxieties. Wish me luck!


A Million Ways to Store Treasure

I, like many men and women, have jewelry. I don’t have a lot by most standards, but I have enough that storage has become a problem. Pinterest has plenty of ideas for me! Coat rack as necklace organizer, foam board for earrings, framed pieces, push pins (which I did use for my necklaces). My earrings are still a hassle to organize.

I’m working part time at the moment which means my (disposable) income is next to nothing. Meaning I have nothing I can justify spending on cute organization for my jewelry. I tried the bowl thing (a picture to prove it).The push pin necklace idea actually works well. But I own about 3 rings, 2 bracelets (more are stored with my summer clothes), and a bazillion earrings. So earrings are my “problem”.

All this brings me to my creative solution! 🙂 Wednesday night I went to my teachers meeting to learn the new lessons and collect supplies. My boss is also caring enough that she keeps giving us edible gifts. Last time it was chocolate truffles and this time it was the classic valentines assorted chocolates box from Russell Stover. Now, I’m not a big fan of milk chocolates, but I popped the box open anyways and shared it with my roommates (hey, guys like chocolate too!) As we emptied the box down to the last confection (a chocolate peanut butter something), I realized I was staring at a solution to my problem! The little empty tray, with its little sections, could fit my assorted earrings without them getting tangled!

Now it’s time to take theory to experiment. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of gold, and if I had spray paint, I would make it silver or teal or something NOT gold. But I’m broke remember? I’m not going to spend $8 on spray paint when that can buy me a cheap lunch or go towards gas money (or bills). What I’m left with is the gold sectioned tray, hot glued into the box it came in, filled with earrings. I had to double (or triple) up on some sections with my studs but I kept it cohesive (pearls with fake pearls lol, dark with dark). Here are the before and after shots (sorry for the bad photo quality):Before 1 Earrings BeforeEarrings After 1Earrings After 2